Our Programs

SAI has 20 years experience in designing the best programs to suit students studying abroad in Europe. All courses, regardless of location or period of study, are taught in the English language. In addition to English, certain programs also offer courses taught in the host language.

Courses offered on this website are SAI Basic Programs. This means you're paying the same tuition rate the host school publishes, but the enrollment process is made easier by enrolling through SAI. We will process your enrollment, register you in courses and prepare you for arrival at your host school in Europe. SAI also includes full coverage health insurance for each student, at no extra cost. Health insurance is required in order to obtain a student visa. Students are responsible for locating their own housing accommodations and we have suggested some agency contacts on the Housing page. Each student is responsible for obtaining a visa, if required, and SAI will send to you the documents you'll need to submit for a visa.

SAI also offers Full Service Programs that include airport pickup, student apartment housing, on-site services, insurance, events and excursions. If you are interested in a Full Service Program, please enroll through our sister site www.saiprograms.com