Reasons to choose

At SAI, we are committed to exposing students to education abroad opportunities that encourage creative interaction across disciplines. This interaction of creativity and innovation is especially visible in cities noted for art, culture and design. SAI establishes programs in these dynamic “smart” cities that inspire personal creativity and success in students. This is part of the mission that guides SAI, as well as our decision that SAI will always remain small enough so the personal hands-on care that is primary to our mission, is nurtured and maintained in all SAI experiences.

With programs in London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Milan, students will find nearly all areas of study; from business to design; art history to environmental studies; studio arts to political science, communications and more. The combination of world-class academic course work with the cultural treasure of your host country brings personal growth and a lifetime of memories.

Our vision is to provide superior academic, living, social and cultural experiences that allow students to enjoy their time abroad, while nurturing their talents and challenging their minds. Students will experience a blended educational and cultural environment that stresses academic integrity, high impact learning, leadership development and global awareness. The result is uniquely enhanced knowledge and skills for students preparing to enter the work world, graduate school, career advancement or professional development.

Today’s increasing globalization places new demands on students as decision-makers, and for this reason many undergraduate programs require study abroad. It is critical for today’s student to understand the interconnection of world affairs and to experience, through living abroad, cultural difference and diversity. Educational institutions must prepare today’s student to face a world made smaller by rapid communication, shared commerce and the facility of travel from one place to another. By discussing issues and making friends from around the world, students begin to see themselves and their homeland from a global perspective. Study abroad students undertake an unforgettable personal journey and SAI is there every step of the way to enhance the experience and encourage our students.